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Family Law Divorce

Nullity and Dissolution

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Child Custody and Visitation

GrandParent's Rights


Juvenile Law/Delinquency/Preventative Legal Consultations for Juveniles

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Property Division


Family Law DIVORCE

In addition to obtaining your divorce, we will assist you with spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, division of property, assets and debts, restraining orders, and whatever other issues may apply to your case.  Even if you are already divorced we can help you pursue a modification of prior orders.



Although it may seem like a computer program can be run by anyone with the same result we are here to assure that you have accounted for all financial information and review the other parties financial declaration’s to explore possible hidden or unclaimed assets.  There are many nuances that can arise in an individual case and we can help recognize them to avoid unnecessary future litigation.



Parents may have significant reasons for getting divorced, which may center around one spouse trying to protect a child or children from the other spouse.  In addition to domestic violence, there are verbally abusive parents, emotionally abusive parents, sexually abusive parents, uncaring or uninvolved parents, depressed parents, parents who have new relationships with inappropriate partners, and parents who attempt to alienate a child from another parent.

Where your children are concerned, you need a strong advocate and a skilled litigator who can work with your documentation, witnesses and other evidence to provide a solid case.



If you are a grandparent concerned about the access you have to your grandchild or the quality of care they are getting, you are not alone and may be able to do something about it. Speaking with an attorney can help you discover what rights you have, if you can resolve the concern through mediation, which court is most appropriate for the case and what could happen should Child Protective Services get involved. When it comes to visitation or custody of a grandchild you may have to be proactive early on to preserve your rights. If you believe you need to take action to preserve your relationship with your grandchild or protect them we are here to offer you a consultation or case evaluation and present you with your options.





Juvenile Law/Delinquency/Preventative Legal Consultations for Juveniles







California is a community property state where property acquired during marriage is usually divided equally.  However, sometimes you need an attorney to determine what property has to be divided, property under your spouse’s control, and property your spouse may be hiding.

In more complex situations, such as when a property owned spouse before marriage, small businesses, stock options, pensions and 401(k)’s, there are a variety of complications.  You should feel confident that your property division will be equitable.

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